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    How to choose and buy metal press and scrap metal shears?

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    How to choose and buy metal press and scrap metal shears? In view of these problems, we hereby make the following Suggestions. We hope that it will be helpful for you to choose and buy metal punching
    How to choose and buy metal press and scrap metal shears? In view of these problems, we hereby make the following Suggestions. We hope that it will be helpful for you to choose and buy metal punching machines and scrap metal shears.
    How to choose and buy large metal packaging machine | large scrap iron press? At this time, many waste recycling plant bosses are faced with the biggest confusion, how to choose their own large metal packaging machines or large scrap metal presses, tianjin shunda hydraulic machinery for you to buy the following points of view, only for your recycling industry bosses reference.
    A large part of people think that the price must be cheap, with the idea of people buy metal baling press will not buy good quality metal baling press, we usually several good and inexpensive, price must be high, refers to the cases with quality to choose a little preferential price, rather than begin to talk about prices and products, at this time of the largest, choose products must first consider their actual demand situation as well, according to the amount of recycling scrap metal recycling plant every day bag piece, steel mills need size, and operating costs of workers to choose suits own large metal baling press.
    First of all, to ask the factory, tell factory they need large metal baling press specifications and detailed configuration, his best recycling plant actual situation with manufacturers to introduce professional large metal baling press manufacturer will according to the actual situation of the customer to recommend clients with what kinds of models of large metal baling press, this factory has the market powers of observation and market development ability, can consider such metal baling press manufacturers.
    Second, don't come up and large metal baling press manufacturers cut prices, you must first say hello specifications, suitable for not suitable for their own use, and then combined with the same specifications to consult other metal packaging manufacturers, the price of the metal baling press always comes in second place, the first is the metal baling press specifications, after-sales service and commitment of manufacturer, because users buy large metal baling press is for customers to create wealth, not bought as a decoration. So quality is the most important thing, and that's the number one thing.
    I. internal specifications of the compression chamber material box of the metal baling machine:
    According to the size of what they collect scrap metal pieces, such as: his demolition of scrap mostly closed down wads of waste steel, bicycles, motorcycles, electric cars, shelf rack shelf and other large pieces of material, with aerial vehicle electrical or hydraulic chuck claw packing, electric suction cup 1.2-1.8 meters in diameter, and so the compression of metal baling press room container size bigger, convenient packing, and the best compression chamber shear blades, left and right sides of the need to bring convenient and wastes of super-long shear, thus shortening the time of packing, to speed up the packing pressure. The specification of the material box of the large metal baling machine is as follows: 2*1.8*1 m, 2*2.2*1 m, 2*2.5*1.2 m, 2*2.5*1.5 m, 2.5*3*1.5 m and other compression chamber material boxes of different specifications.
    If the waste materials collected at ordinary times are mostly thin and light materials or small pieces of materials, such as: thin iron sheet, paint bucket, drawing can, wang laogi can, broken iron wire, electric packaging sheet metal, etc. You can choose to have a smaller compression chamber. The most commonly used compression rooms for small and medium sized metal baling machines are as follows: 0.9*1.2*0.3 m, 1*1.2*0.3 m, 0.9*1.2*0.45 m, 1*1.5*0.4 m, 0.6*0.7*1.2 m, 0.6*0.8*1.4 m, 0.6*0.9*1.5 m, 1.2*1.6* 0.6* 0.6 m.
    Second, from several aspects of the metal packaging box body to further understand how to buy metal packaging machine
    1. The welding part of the front part of the steel plate of the box body of metal baling machine shall be welded by breaking the welding mouth with an Angle of about 45 degrees. The welding shall be smooth and even, and there shall be no virtual welding or bubbles. After the completion of the welding of the box body of the metal punching machine, the surface of the welding slag shall be clean, and no residual welding slag skin shall be on the surface of the welding place.
    2. The thickness of the steel plate determines the stability and safety of the metal bale breaker in the use process. Different types of steel plate materials with different thickness are used in different parts of the equipment to ensure the bearing capacity of the equipment in use. The price of metal baling machine is high or low, but the most stressed end of metal baling machine is the place where the density of steel plate is the most and the thickness of the material is the thickest, because this is the most stressed part.
    3. The box body of the metal baling machine is composed of manganese steel wear-resistant plates. First of all, we need to understand the importance of lining. Liner plate is the protective layer of metal baling machine, which has high strength hardness on the surface to ensure the wear of scrap metal in the box body to guarantee the service life of metal baling machine.
    Secondly, I would like to introduce how to choose and buy scrap metal shears:
    Hydraulic metal shearing machine - cutting scrap iron sharpener is the preferred equipment for waste steel recovery. It is hydraulic driven, safe and reliable, easy to operate. The working blade length of the shearing machine: 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm; The shear force ranges from 63 tons to 400 tons and is suitable for users of different sizes. Install no bottom screw, where no power supply can be used for diesel engine power. Crocodile type shear machine is suitable for metal recycling processing plants, automobiles and dismantling field, metal recycling companies, scrap steel, smelting foundry enterprises of various shapes steel cold cut, and all kinds of metal structure to processing qualified burden mei Cheng mechanical shear machine adopts hydraulic drive, convenient operation, simple maintenance. The shear force ranges from 63 tons to 400 tons in 8 grades. Shearing 10-40 mm thick steel plate, channel steel, i-steel, Angle steel, round steel and other scrap steel.