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    Experimental cooperation

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    Based on self-development, supplemented by intelligent, efficient, energy saving, environmental protection concrete production and processing technology

    Shantui Janeoo Machinery Co.,Ltd is based on self-development and focused on the cooperation with technical cooperation units, universities and research institutes such as Shandong University, Changan University and Jinan University. As a college experimental training base, we carry out various of experimental research around the company's concrete production equipment, asphalt mixing equipment, dry mortar production equipment, construction waste disposal equipment, in optimizing the structure and performance of equipment, improve product quality, reliability and expand the equipment series. Our company and Shandong University have built the Shandong University JANEOO concrete machinery research center and Shandong concrete machinery engineering laboratory together and it is the domestic first-class full set of concrete machinery equipment research and development test center which is based on concrete mixing, transport machinery and equipment and related ancillary equipment research and development, supplemented by intelligent, efficient, energy saving, Environmental protection, concrete production and processing technology.